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12 Holiday Gifts for Travel-Loving Parents

Let’s be honest: The best gift for a wanderluster is probably an actual trip. But travel can be expensive—not to mention hard to wrap. Our carefully selected travel goodies come in a range of prices, from $25 up, and will please foodies, flyers, campers, coffee-lovers and everyone in-between. 

A Ready-for-Anything Kit

rafi nova oh sh*t kit plus

Marissa and Adam Goldstein have traveled the world with their two sets of twins. Their experiences led them to create the Oh Sh*t Kit, a handy (and good-looking) pack of family essentials for handling everything from boo-boos to boredom to actual emergencies. The OSK Plus comes with first-aid gear, a multi-tool, phone charger, suncreen, wipes, plastic bags, and more. Throw it in the car, your RV or a suitcase.  $46,

A Packable Jacket

patagonia nano puff jacket

One of our travel must-haves is a warm, lightweight jacket that squeezes down to almost nothing. There are cheaper options than Patagonia’s Nano Puff jacket—but not with its eco-credentials. The Nano Puff is made from recycled materials, is Fair Trade Certified, and made with carbon- and energy-efficient methods. It will also last a lifetime, especially with Patagonia;s commitment to repairing its products. $199,

An International Cooking Class

pan of paella

Your favorite home chef can learn to cook in Italy, Mexico, or Japan—without ever leaving home. The Chef & The Dish offers private online cooking classes with experts around the world; they’ll take you step-by-step through a local specialty, teaching tricks and techniques along the way. League of Kitchens is a less spendy but no less worthy option. It’s group classes are taught by immigrant grandmothers, who will give you a taste of their culture as well as their food. $60,; $300,

A Luggage Upgrade

arlo skye roller suitcase

Arlo Skye’s rollaboard suitcases cheerfully meld form and function. Unlike other hard-sided cases, their Zipper Carry-On Max has an easy-to-access front compartment for electronics and other necessities, plus a built-in charger. It works as a carry-on for medium and larger planes, and comes in fun colors like burgundy, teal, and saffron. $375,

A Travel-Tracking Mug

Travel Map Mug Uncommon Goods

This stoneware mug isn’t just fun and affordable—it can bring back memories of your favorite trips, or help you plan new ones. Use the included porcelain pen to fill in the map, then bake it in the oven to make it permanent. (Additional colors are also available.) Mark up your bucket list, or memorialize the places you’ve been. $25,

A Bright-Idea Head Lamp


Instead of a skimpy spotlight, Liteband’s LED headlamp has a strip of light that illuminates an entire area. It’s great for camping and RVing, as well as biking and running. The Activ 400 is a nice all-purpose model that can last up to 26 hours on one charge, and gives off 400 lumens of light. $40,

A Slick Day Pack

Day Owl Slim Backpack in White

Day Owl’s bags look minimalist, but act maximalist. Made from recycled canvas, the Slim Backpack pack has a lined bottle pocket to contain leaks, a small top pocket for sunglasses or snacks, a padded space for electronics, and a subtle strap that slides over a suitcase handle. And, the company is committed to reducing waste: when you’re done with the bag, you can return it for reuse or recycling. $129,

A High-Design Travel Pillow

Infinity Travel Pillow

Horseshoe-shaped travel pillows may be useful, but they look terrible. The Möbius-shaped is more attractive, easier to pack, and more versatile. Use it as a wall pillow, a neckrest, a lumbar support, and more. It’s machine washable, and comes in six colors. $39,

A Sensory Journey

getaway candle provence white background

Smell is known to be closely linked with memory. Evoke beloved destinations with location-inspired candles from Getaway Candle Co. Handmade in Los Angeles from phthalate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free ingredients, they conjure Charleston with gardenia and tuberose, Santorini with citrus, sea salt and jasmine, and Banff with rosemary, sage and pine. $25,

A Low-Maintenance Travel Tee

Ridge Merino Wool Base Layer Men Women

Clothes made from merino wool are especially great for travel. The material is breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and naturally antimicrobial—which means it always looks and smells good, even if a laundromat is hard to come by. Ridge Merino’s crew-neck shirts work as a base layer or on their own, and come in kids’ sizes, too.

A Guide to the Globe

Lonely Planet Travel Book

The newest edition of the Lonely Planet’s Travel Book offers intel on every country in the world—when to visit, where to go, and even what to know about film, food and drink. The photographs alone will whet your appetite for a journey. $40,

A Gift that Gives All Year

young family on beach at sunset

An Expedition Membership gives families big savings on travel—up to 70% off hotels and resorts, plus deals on vacation rentals, cruises, tours and more. It can pay for itself in just one or two trips, and the savings last all year! $499,