Portraitof family in front of camping tent

9 Great Gifts for Families Who Love Camping

We all know that one family who’s always looking for an excuse to get outdoors or planning their next camping trip. Who knows—maybe that’s your family! 

When it comes to camping, the right gear can mean the difference between a failure you’d like to forget and a wonderful memory you’ll cherish forever. If you’re searching for some gift ideas for the outdoorsiest people in your life, consider one of these products. From stay-cool backpacks to packable keep-warm blankets, our list includes items that can really take their camping game to the next level. 

A Heated Seat Cushion

Man with legs crossed sitting on Adirondack chair with Hüga heated cushion

No one wants a chilly bum to cut their evening campfire and s’mores-making short because of a chilly bum. Battery powered and water resistant, Hüga heated cushions keep your seat nice and toasty. The battery lasts for six to 10 hours; when it runs out, you can easily recharge it with a micro USB cord. Perfect for fall and winter camping trips, it’s also great to use for chilling on your porch or patio. From $145, hugaheat.com

A Heavy-Duty Cooler Backpack

Light blue ICEMULE backpack cooler on white background

When you’re out enjoying nature, you don’t want to fuss with a big cooler box. ICEMULE’s backpack coolers are waterproof, portable, and comfortable to carry. For a family’s camping needs, we recommend going with the Pro option, which has a 23-liter capacity, or the Boss, which can keep an impressive five 750 milliliter bottles cool for multiple days. From $60, icemulecoolers.com

An Easy-to-Use Fire Starter

Pull Start Fire box on white background

Knowing how to start a fire is a skill every camper should have, but sometimes it’s nice to have a quick, easy solution for getting that campfire going. Pull Start Fire is just that. There’s no need for matches, lighters, or kindling. All you have to do is put the starter in your pile of logs, pull the string, and the fire will ignite. It works even if the wood is wet, and the starter package is windproof and rainproof too. From $20, pullstartfire.com

A Comfy, Compressable Blanket

Rumpl puffy packable blanket rolled up and next to version in cylindrical pouch

With the Rumpl puffy blanket, you can amp up the coziness of camping. Designed for the outdoors, these water and stain-resistant blankets are perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth in the tent, in a hammock, or RV. They come in lots of vibrant colors and prints, and roll up in a drawstring travel bag so you don’t have to sacrifice much space for them. $100, rumpl.com

A Durable Solar Power Bank

Dartwood 16000mAh Solar Power Bank, black against white background

As much as we’d like to escape our devices while camping, sometimes we just need those smartphones ready for directions or emergencies. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, the Dartwood 16000mAh Solar Power Bank can keep your phones charged. Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, it can handle three devices at a time, so there won’t be any fighting over who gets to power up next. $60, wasserstein-home.com

Toasty Clothing

Asian woman wearing icebreaker red thermal top against white background

Icebreaker is a trusted name when it comes to high-quality, merino wool clothing that’s great for outdoor adventures, and they make excellent items for both kids and adults. While it’s not always easy deciding on the exact right clothes (or the right size) to give someone, gift cards are available so your recipient can spend however they please. Starting at $20, icebreaker.com

A Family-Friendly Card Game

Gofindit Too Outdoor Treasure Hunt Card Game spread out against white background

Card games are a go-to for staving off boredom while camping, but why not try one that brings your beautiful surroundings into the fun? Suitable for ages three years old and up, the Gofindit Too Outdoor Treasure Hunt Card Game invites you to explore nature in a new way with cues like finding something “soft” or “spotty” or “green.” It works with up to six players, is easy to learn, and offers hours of fun. $13, amazon.com  

Mosquito Repelant Supplies

Murphy’s Naturals makes mosquito repelant products against purple background

Mosquitos come with the camping territory, but you don’t have to accept getting totally bit up. Murphy’s Naturals makes mosquito repellant bundles to keep those pests at bay in a variety of ways. There’s a spray, candle, blam, incense sticks… and even soothing balm in case one still gets you. Starting at $47, murphysnaturals.com

Super Tasty, Superfood Bars

B.T.R. Nation superfood protein bars open against pink background

When camping, it’s always a good idea to have some portable, no-prep snacks at the ready. You need that energy boost during those hikes! B.T.R. Nation superfood protein bars are 100% plant-based and contain no added sugar, making for a healthier option. With flavors like Cinnamon Cookie Dough and Cherry Chocolate Chip, the kids should love them too. From $12, btrnation.com

Cindy Brzostowski is a freelance writer covering food, travel, and other lifestyle topics.