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10 Top Family Travel Hacks from TikTok

ICYMI, TokTok isn’t just for dance moves anymore. Worldwide, it’s estimated to have more than 750 million users of all ages. Some of them are into music, some of them are into cooking, and some of them are—of course—into travel.

In fact, there are countless travel-loving parents sharing advice on TikTok. We picked some of their best hack hacks, from gear to packing to flying. They can make your travels easier, more organized and more fun.

Hang It Up

@Homeschoolmafia, who is known for her Dolewhip recipes, bought hanging toiletry kids for her kids to travel with. They’re not for toothpaste and hairbrushes—the folding kits are great for stashing activities and accessories. Headphones can go in one pouch, crayons in another. They’re clear, so kids can see where everything is—and the hanging handles are useful in the car or on a plane.

DIY Your Road-Trip Entertainment

No seatback screens? No problem. @whitleavitt shows how easy it is to pop a phone or tablet into a plastic bag, then hang it from the headrest of a front seat. The screen will be at the right level for your kids and stay free of sticky fingerprints.

Play AirTag

If you’re worried about getting separated from your kids while traveling—or just out for the day, @ywmfamily has an idea. She bought Apple AirTags and drops one in each kids’ pocket before they set out. Voila, instant peace of mind.


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Pack a Basket

Those lightweight, foldable mesh hampers aren’t just for home use. In fact, they may be even more useful on the road, as @gatormom_reviews suggests. Pack one on your next trip and pop it open when you arrive when you’re staying—the kids have a place to put their dirty laundry that’s not the floor.

Hold Onto Your Hat

@Mrsblinks has an ingenious idea for keeping track of your sun hat—without having to take up valuable luggage space or crush it into oblivion. Use a simple, inexpensive binder clip to attach your hat to the side of your bag. The clip will hold it securely but is also easy to remove. Bring a handful, one for each family member.


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Hack Your Sandwiches

Here’s a fast, easy way to make a whole bunch of sandwiches for the beach. Get a pack of Hawaiian rolls, cut the whole pack in half, layer your sandwich fixings on the bread, cut it into pieces, and slide it all back into the bag for easy transport.

Choose the Right Row

If you’re flying with a baby, there is definitely a best place to sit, according to @thetravelinggays. The very last row of the plane puts you close to the galley and bathroom. And since most travelers prefer the front of the plane, you’re more likely to have empty seats next to you.

Make Your Own Table

Not enough surface area in your hotel room? Grab the ironing board out of the closet and set it up at a convenient height, says @honestlyautumn. The best part: it even fits in the space between your beds.


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Pack by the Day

Kids clothes are often small enough to fit a whole outfit into a one-gallon plastic bag. To keep your luggage hyper-organized and make it a snap to get little ones dressed, pack a set of clothes in a bag for each day, labeling the outside with a marker.

Stock a Baggie with In-Flight Toys

@familytraveltips shows just how many activities for small kids you can fit into a zip-top bag.


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