Museum of Selfies Las Vegas Emoji pool

9 Immersive Museums that Kids (and Kids at Heart) Will Love

When you think of visiting a museum, you probably imagine talking in hushed tones, navigating austere rooms, and most definitely NOT touching any of the art. But lately a new category of “museums” has emerged that turns the traditional model on its head, inviting you to let loose and even become part of the exhibits yourself.

Immersive, interactive museums have been popping up all over the country to great fanfare. They range from experiences centered on large-scale art installations to so-called selfie or Instagram museums focused on fun photo backdrops. All beckon people to experience art in new ways. Ready for the experience? Pay a visit to one of these colorful museums that offer hours of fun for both kids and adults.

Museum of Ice Cream 

New York City, Austin, and Singapore

Museum of Ice Cream Sprinkle Pool by_Nicole_Franzen
Photo: Nicole Franzen

At this institution, you can scream—for ice cream, and let your love for frozen treats run wild. The museum serves up immersive activities that provide sweet photo-ops ( try to resist sliding into the big sprinkle pool). Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to the Museum of Ice cream without ample opportunities to eat creamy delights on-site. A Chicago location is coming in summer 2022.

Meow Wolf

Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver

Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return
Photo: Kate Russell

Meow Wolf is one of the big names in immersive, multimedia experiences, and visiting one of their experiences feels like stepping into a fantastical, mind-bending new realm. Each location has a different theme, but House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe is the most well-known, offering over 70 different rooms of funky, hypnotic interactive art. Plus, it’s appropriate for all ages.



Facemaking at Seismique

Art is all around at Seismique, a 40,000-square-foot experience. As you wander from one room to another, you’ll find yourself surrounded by stunning displays that combine color, light, and sound in inventive ways. Don’t be afraid to engage with the ar—many of the exhibits use sensors, meaning your movement or interaction will change the display. Pictures are welcome too!

Original Selfie Museum

Seattle, Denver, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, and several other cities 

Original Selfie Museum
Photo: Aika’s Love Closet

Can’t resist a good selfie? You don’t have to at the Original Selfie Museum—which, contrary to its name, has multiple locations across the U.S.. Become one with the art as you pose in the vividly hued rooms and fun props across the space. They even have pet-friendly days on the first Monday of the month, so your family’s best friend can join the pictures.


Columbus, Ohio

Control Room at Otherworld

Otherworld is a single art installation that spans 47 rooms and 32,000 square feet. A little bit sci-fi, a little bit fantasy, the space is designed around the story that you’re left to wander the abandoned research facility of a tech company specializing in alternate-realm tourism. You’ll find large-scale artworks, secret passages, and more, created by 40-plus artists. Remember to make a reservation!

Museum of Selfies

Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Upside down room Museum of Selfies Las Vegas

Where can you get comfy in a bathtub full of gold coins, wade around a pool of emoji balls, and pretend like you’re defying gravity in an upside-down room? At the Museum of Selfies, designed to—well, boost your social media appeal. The whole family will have fun striking a pose amid this establishment’s creative installations. Do it for the ‘gram—you know you want to.


Houston and Atlanta

Girl in Marshmallows at Candytopia oxana niki
Photo: Oxana Niki

Candytopia may be the closest you get in real life to  visiting Willy Wonka’s factory. From an inviting marshmallow pit to candy-coated paintings and sculptures, this art installation is a sugar overload. Don’t worry, there are some confections for you to satisfy your sweet tooth as you make your way through this veritable wonderland of sweets.

Chattanooga Selfie Museum

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga Selfie Museum

Anyone who loves posing for pictures will enjoy the over 20 different selfie rooms (with props!) at the Chattanooga Selfie Museum, all designed to make it easy to snag the perfect shot. If you want the place to yourself, you’ll be happy to know that the Chattanooga Selfie Museum also hosts parties and events. If you have a group of 15 or more, they can close the venue for your private use.

Color Factory

Houston and New York City

Color Factory Thought Bubbles Cody Bess
Photo: Cody Bess

This experiential art museum is all about inspiring joy and play with its interactive installations and immersive rooms. Since the Color Factory partners with local artists, businesses, and nonprofits, each locations is a little different, but whichever one you go to you can expect colorful, surreal surroundings that tickle the imagination. A Chicago location opens in June

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