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Savings Example-NYC-landing
Savings Example-Paris-landing
Savings Example-Orlando-landing

Typical savings on a 7-night stay booked with The Expedition's Adventurer membership.

'Public Prices' are the best-available rate on Expedia, Travelocity,, and other publicly available travel-booking sites for the same room on the same dates, inclusive of taxes & fees.

“The greatest legacy we can leave our children are happy memories.”

— Og Mandino

Travel with kids is fun—but saving money is funner!
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Wait... what's The Expedition?

Great question! We are the only global community targeting family travel.

We are moms and dads who share a passion for traveling with our kids.

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Mom and kid
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— Drew S., adventuring dad of two


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Rome Deals
Wekly Stays


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Why Si, Senior!

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The Expedition Basic membership

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  • Hotels up to 20% off
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  • Cruise deals
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  • Personal travel concierge
  • 110% low-price guarantee!

$5 a month

1st month free!

The Expedition Adventurer membership

Experience the joys of travel... while knowing you are saving money!

  • Hotels up to 70% off
  • Week Stays hidden deals
  • Cruise deals
  • Discounts on tours and activities
  • Personal travel concierge
  • 110% low-price guarantee!

Standard price: $499

This week: $249/year!


Built By Kids
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I find the lowest hotel & resort prices on regular, publicly available travel sites (like Expedia,, Travelocity, etc.)?

Not even close! Publicly available travel sites—for legal reasons—are required to list exactly the same prices for the same hotels. They are not allowed to offer you a deal that's not available on every other publicly available travel site.

So how can you offer lower prices on hotels?

Because we're a private membership community. Hotels & resorts can release inventory to us at wholesale rates. We then make that inventory available to our Adventurer members with no markup.

Are these discounts only available on hotels & resorts?

We have tons of discounts on other travel services as well! We offer our Adventurer members steeply discounted rates on cars, cruises, and a variety of tours and attractions.

What about flights?

Unfortunately, airlines do not release discounted flight inventory. However, as an Adventurer, you accumulate reward points, and those can be redeemed when booking flights. You also can earn Adventurer reward points AND credit card points at the same time when booking travel through The Expedition—that's double points!

Are your prices guaranteed?

Absolutely! If you book a trip and then find a lower price for the same booking listed publicly, we will refund you 110% of the difference.