Travel gifts for kids
Travel gifts for kids

10 Great Gifts for Travel-Loving Kids

Didn’t travel much this year? Us either. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel—and even if you end up staying put for a while, you can encourage a love of travel with well-selected gifts, whether for holidays, birthdays or just another quarantine milestone. Here are 10 picks, all of them suitable for home, not just the road.

Habbi Habbi Language Learning Books

habbi habbi books.png

Looking for an inexpensive and screen-free way for kids to learn a second language? Habbi Habbi’s bilingual learning book comes with a colorful wand that “reads” aloud in English and Chinese or Spanish. The starter set includes four hardcover books that cover basic words, phrases and sentences, as well as a reading wand; storybooks are available, too. From $109,

In Kidz Subscription Box

in kiz guatemala box.jpg

Teach kids about other countries with these fun-filled bi-monthly boxes. Each one contains a flag, toy, art projects, recipes and more. Plus, they’re curated by a parent from each county or culture, and always ethically sourced. $49/month,

Osmo Detective Agency

osmo detective agency.jpg

Let your kids go on a global adventure without leaving the living room. Detective Agency is a new game from Osmo, a system that lets tablets “see” real-world drawings, puzzles, and game pieces that kids can manipulate. Using maps, a magnifying glass and tablet, children 5 to 9 can explore famous cities to search for the clues to a mystery, honing their problem-solving skills while learning about landmarks, geography, and more. $39 for Osmo base, $49 for Detective Agency,

Honest History Magazine 

honest history magazine.png

Each quarter, this beautifully designed magazine for kids aged 6 to 12 digs into an aspect of global history—like the Roman Empire, Olympic Games, or pirates. The stories are engaging, interactive, and (most importantly) factually accurate. $18 for an individual issue, $70 for an annual subscription,

Playmobil Family Camping Set 

playmobil camping set.jpg

Children 4 and up can “practice” camping with Playmobil’s detailed set. It doesn’t just include basics like a miniature tent and figures, but a tiny frisbee, lantern, bandana and squirrel. $28,

See-Ya Suitcase

see-ya suitcases.png

If it seems like a splurge, consider this: Ollie Ella’s sherbert-colored kids’ suitcases look as cute in the bedroom as they do on the road. They’re made from recycled PET bottles and have an zip pocket inside and an elastic strap outside for making sure a stuffed friend comes along. $99,

Playtown: Airport Lift-the-Flap Book

playtown airport.png

From the terminal to the tarmac, this interactive book captures all the bustle of the airport—and teaches kids what goes on behind the scenes. Experienced travelers will love getting more information on things they’ve seen. Newbies can get comfortable with the bustle of airports. Each page is packed with flaps and facts, plus some little jokes. $10,

Sanrock H818 Drone

Sanrock H818 Drone.png

Before you invest in a pricey drone, This drone is built for beginners, with propeller guards, automatic takeoff and landing, and durable construction.  $45,

Nikon Trailblazer Binoculars

Nikon Trailblazer Binoculars.png

Though designed for adults, these binocs are a great choice for older kids. The rubber exterior protects them from bumps and drops, and the 8x magnification and wide field of view make them as useful for travel as backyard birding. $80,

Scratch-Off Map

waypoint wanders scratch-off map.png

Keep the kids occupied while letting them trace the trips they’ve taken. Waypoint Wanders’  20-by-30-inch poster reveals lovely watercolor countries. U.K. shoppers can check out the options from Scratch Map. $35,

Sara Clemence is a freelance journalist, formerly travel editor for The Wall Street Journal and news director for Travel + Leisure. She's the author of Away & Aware, a guide to mindful travel.